Our Unique Advantage

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The word Unique, is no longer Unique

What happens when words are hijacked?

Anyone can 'claim' uniqueness or advantages. So, when a company actually provides Unique Advantages, how can they effectively communicate?


EkonomX' Advantages through Action:

  • 14-day Free Trial access to our Video-On-Demand Library
  • Monthly Access to our VOD Library for only $3.77 per month
  • Courses with Chapters and Lectures, Tests, and Certifications
  • Professional Services are available to those who ‘Pass’
  • Customer Rewards allowing Customers to redeem Rewards for Credits to Chapters
  • InfluenXer Rewards Affiliate Program that allows ‘influencers’ to leverage their Social Influence
  • Reward Points are more than 1 Dollar to 1 Point value. Eg. $29.97 = 30 RP
  • EkonomX will put up to 50% back to Customers and InfluenXers in Rewards for Social Selling
  • Next-business-day Pay-Out of rewards to InfluenXers. No waiting weeks or months to be paid


EkonomX is a group of successful, commited and passionate Business Executives. They've come together and developed a powerful and simple SaaS Education Platform to bring the Digital Economy to 'Main Street'. The combination of Education, Services, and Opportunity position EkonomX squarly in the Gig Economy,