Our Commitment

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Commitment is more than just a Mission

Our culture is built on a perspective of Abundance, of Gratitude, of Authenticity, of Compassion, of Service, and most importantly, of Action. Once a Customer or InfluenXer demonstrates a core understanding in an area, Professional Services will be unlocked that can assist them in taking the next step and putting their newfound understanding into Action. Knowledge is just the first step to help our Customers and InfluenXers develop the skills/understanding they need to become Multipliers.

The Digital Economy has unlocked the door to information, strategies, tools, and services that in the past were only available to a select few who had access the Masses and those on 'Main Street' didn't have access too. From Asset Protection and Tax Strategies, to Real-Estate and Wall-Street; from Building a Business to Mindset and Life Skills that few have really ever been able to leverage.

Our premise isn't that Information and Education alone can unlock these for you, but that through Professional Services and Action you have the option to Open that now unlocked door. It starts with a choice. EkonomX offers a 14 day Trial to start your journey. Then as you're ready start taking courses, and as you complete courses, Professional Services are opened up.


EkonomX is a group of successful, commited and passionate Business Executives. They've come together and developed a powerful and simple SaaS Education Platform to bring the Digital Economy to 'Main Street'. The combination of Education, Services, and Opportunity position EkonomX squarly in the Gig Economy,