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EkonomX is about Action

EkonomX is an Education and Professional Services SaaS platform bringing Xperts to Mainstreet in the form of both VOD (Video-On-Demand) and Professional services. We use Social Selling as our Method of Marketing.

What is EkonomX to YOU? A source of information, a place to Grow, perhaps a Side-Gig helping others Grow, or maybe you have a larger long term vision of creating an income to support your family. Maybe something else. YOU make your goals possible through Action when YOU choose to link arms with EkonomX. We're here to serve YOU.

Xperience The YOUfinity DifferenX

The “X” factor is 'that something unique', that quality that causes someone or something to stand out.

X” marks the spot. YOU have arrived at this point hopefully ready to Xperience The YOUfinity DifferenX.

X” is a variable in a mathematical formula that represents a currently unknown potential. In EkonomX the “X” represents YOU and the potential within YOU. The entire EkonomX Model was designed meticulously to allow YOU to Thrive ‘where YOU are’ or where YOU want to go through taking Action.


EkonomX is a group of successful, commited and passionate Business Executives. They've come together and developed a powerful and simple SaaS Education Platform to bring the Digital Economy to 'Main Street'. The combination of Education, Services, and Opportunity position EkonomX squarly in the Gig Economy,