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EkonomX   's The Gig Economy

How people live, work and spend their money, has changed dramatically over the past decade due to smartphone technology, increased communication, and the rise of social channels. This hyper-connected society has opened new ways to make and spend money, relying on technology-enabled types of work. Although working ‘Gigs’, is not a new concept, The Gig Economy has completely altered the way people view and perform work today.

EkonomX opens the door for people looking to make money both short and long term, by allowing our customers and InfluenXers to benefit from unique Rewards Programs, access specific information on how to start earning money from ‘Gigs’ and how to find their place in the Gig economy.


EkonomX is a group of successful, commited and passionate Business Executives. They've come together and developed a powerful and simple SaaS Education Platform to bring the Digital Economy to 'Main Street'. The combination of Education, Services, and Opportunity position EkonomX squarly in the Gig Economy,