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EkonomX' YOUfinity DifferenX

For those with 'followers' who want to leverage their social influence EkonomX provides an InfluenXer Rewards Affiliate Program that pays up to 20% on referred Customers who purchase any service that has Reward Points.

How can you participate? Simple... just Register for a Free Account, and share your link with others. Should those you refer purchase any service with Reward Points 15% of Reward Points will placed into your account (as a Qualified InfluenXer or AmbaXador you can earn 20%) as an available balance to spend internal & withdraw (paid Next Business Day).

Additionally, those who want to leveral their Spheres of Influnce, influence beyond just their own direct followers, EkonomX offers an AmbaXador program that pays a fixed-flat Daily InfluenXer Reward.

For example: an AmbaXador who reached 4680 Xperiance Points would be Teir 3 and recieve $13 a day in Daily InfluenXer Rewards.

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InfluenXer Rewards: Click Here


EkonomX is a group of successful, commited and passionate Business Executives. They've come together and developed a powerful and simple SaaS Education Platform to bring the Digital Economy to 'Main Street'. The combination of Education, Services, and Opportunity position EkonomX squarly in the Gig Economy,